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Bruce on Top of the Rock
Very impressive.

Vargmåne on Top of the Rock
nice viewpoint here! Nice light and colours

Marie LC on Top of the Rock
Jolie vue !

dagilmar on Top of the Rock
No pictures for a long time. Everything OK?

dagilmar on Top of the Rock
What an incredible view!

Enrique on Puerto Rico Series - 22
Nice Perspective.

Katalog Stron on Top of the Rock
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Vinay on Top of the Rock
Makes me feel dizzy at this height!! Beautiful view point.

willow on Top of the Rock
Wow. Feeling a little dizzy... I like the composition - the diagonal lines and inclusion of the deck really add ...

Nina on Top of the Rock
Wonderfully captured... it's really a fabulous picture!

Bill on Top of the Rock
The HDR came out quite nicely Peter! Great framing!

Jeremie on Top of the Rock
Hi Peter, already largely discussed, but once again, bravo for this first hdr shot!

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, US on Top of the Rock
wow, what a view......nice to see you back here again !!!

Steve Rice on Top of the Rock
Great job with the hdr. A very cool shot.

LauraS on Top of the Rock
Exquisite shot. Never been there, but this shot makes it mighty enticing. Thanks for this share!

MARIANA on Top of the Rock
Wow.. what a perfect view !

Sylvie on Top of the Rock
Une vue à couper le souffle ! très joli.

Pavan Kaul on Sunset on Houston St
A beautiful dusky shot with great mood Peter!

Anouk on Sunset on Houston St
The sky has great colors!!

Susan on Sunset on Houston St
I like it this way, without the crop....wouldn't want to lose that moon !!

Srujan Chennupati on Sunset on Houston St
Peter, I'd have cropped it at the top of the left building. But, never the less, its very beautiful. Good shot, ...

Jeremie on Flying Kites
Nice one Peter, I like those pastel colors and this feeling of loneliness and serenity, very naturelish ;-)

Steve Rice on Sunset on Houston St
Nice sky and moon up there. Great shot.

Steve Rice on Spring Flowers
Gorgeous flowers!

Susan on Spring Flowers
what a beautiful shot here....those flowers just pop out of it !!! good to see you again !!!

Krunal on Flying Kites
lovely shot

Reno on Flying Kites
Simple composition, but a resting and flying one..I lije the play with diferents colors.

Steve Rice on Flying Kites
A beautiful composition and the colors are super.

Bill on Flying Kites
Haven't flown a kite for many years. Once made a kite for my kids that was over 6 feet tall. First flight broke ...

Ralph Jones on Flying Kites

Susan on Flying Kites
Cool shot Peter.......less is definitely more here!!!

JJ on Flying Kites
Such a cool shot, love the composition and vivid colors of the Kite, Hope things calm down for you soon

Andy Cogbill on Flying Kites
Love the shot and the composition is perfect. Plus it has a really cool mix of primary colors and simple graphic ...

Sandrine on Spring Flowers
Great colors...

Markela on Spring Flowers
I love the colors and, most of all, I love the angle you chose!!! Great macro shot, Peter!!

Steve Rice on Spring Flowers
A very beautiful Spring shot.

Susan on Spring Flowers
Love that open aperture look....and nice color too!!!

Calusarus on Spring Flowers
Very nice lighting

Susan on Stand Here
New blog name for me.......if i'm on your blogwatch....gotta change it....Now, I'm at: ...

Jeremie on Chrysler Building
Hey Peter, I really like this and the title is particularly daring, given the small place that this subject occupies in ...

dj.tigersprout on Stand Here
awesome -- a very nice find and frame indeed!!! well, word is finally out -- i am leaving AM3 shortly. not that we ...

dj.tigersprout on Chrysler Building
very pretty Peter -- the chrysler building on wet, wintery nights is one of the most beautifull sights here in NYC... ...

`Paul on Chrysler Building

`Paul on Stand Here
intriquing shot.. beg the quesiton 'what's gonna happen if i stand there!" ... no worries about the ...

Srujan Chennupati on Stand Here
Lovely shot and lovely painting.

Reno on Stand Here
This one is very good too, and funny with this point of X Stand here.

Reno on Chrysler Building
Great light and colors, original one

JJ on Stand Here
Well spotted and captured, I to am struggling to find time, but trying to make time for AM3 again

Ralph Jones on Stand Here
Sweet find and nice capture of it.

Susan on Stand Here
Nice to see you haven't given up the street art thing!! Great catch !!

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